Wie is LOTT? Even voorstellen de Nederlandse eigenaren Eugene & Patricia de Jong.
In 2019, the concept of LOTT holiday homes & more was founded. It began in 2011 with one cottage in... Read more
Voor wie is Lott? Stel vakantiegangers vakantiehuizen vakantie Frankrijk.
LOTT is an acronym for Lots Of Time Together. And together can mean just the two of you, with friends... Read more
Waarom boeken bij LOTT? Sfeerimpressie woonkamer vakantiehuis. Lots of time together.
Having a holiday in any cottage rented out by a single owner at a beautiful location in France. In every... Read more
Wat is een LOTTage?
A LOTTage is a cottage exclusively bought and renovated by LOTT holiday homes & more. Once the home meets all... Read more
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