Fietsen in de Haute-Vienne tijdens je vakantie in Frankrijk!

Cycling in the Haute-Vienne

Wonderful cycling routes while being watched by a Limousin cow!

Cycling in Haute-Vienne during your holiday in France!

The Haute-Vienne region is known for its hillsides and green pastures. Many guests compare it to the Belgian Ardennes. The LOTTages of Haute-Vienne are always in walking or cycling distance of any village; for this reason alone it might be handy to bring your bike.

Cycling in the areas of Coussac-Bonneval and Saint Germain les Belles

The surroundings of LOTT’s holiday homes in Haute-Vienne offer many routes. There’s beginners’ trails and advanced mountain bike routes. You can bring your own bike or rent one; the possibilities are endless.

Cycling in Haute-Vienne, cycling holiday in France!
Cycling in Haute-Vienne, cycling holiday in France!

Racing on holiday

For experienced cyclists, the Haute-Vienne can be an excellent area to practice speed racing (on the road). Take your bike up to Pompadour or one of Les Plus Beaux Villages, Segur-le-Chateau. You can easily mark a path between 20 and 100km along paved roads.

Cycling is a famous sport in France; the average French car driver will definitely take notice of cyclists. If you are in possession of a cycling computer, you will probably find someone else has mapped a perfect route for you to enjoy.

Mountain biking on holiday

The Haute-Vienne region is renowned for its hillsides and forest clad environment. You can find plenty of MTB routes here. Sometimes you might have to take the car to a specific starting point of your route. The website below lists detailed maps and routes, or check out google maps!


On holiday in France by mountain bike, Haute-vienne holiday home for a cycling holiday.
On holiday in France by mountain bike, Haute-vienne holiday home for a cycling holiday.

Near LOTT’s holiday homes LOTT Coussac-Bonneval and LOTT La-Bastide there are two MTB routes, one starting from the hiking trail at domaine Chaufaille (5 minutes from your holiday home), the other starting from adjacent village Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche (12 km away).

Enjoyable cycling through nature, villages and cities

We hear some guests say that each route feels like a mini holiday – no different for the Haute-Vienne region. Just be mindful that this area has many hills! There are plenty of destinations to bike to.

The tourist office website (Office du Tourisme) has laid out several routes to follow (on bike or to hike). You could always buy a map with detailed cycling trails.

From LOTT Saint Germain les Belles it is only a short bike ride away to the lake, or to the city of Masseret (don’t forget to make a stop at the Masseret tower with a beautiful 360 degree panoramic view!).


Holiday ideas, inspirations & links

Useful information and cycling tips for a cycling holiday in Haute-Vienne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

“Beautiful cycling route followed along the river Lot”
- Tom and Elsa
Holiday in the Haute-Vienne, France! Things to see and discover in the Haute-Vienne (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
Holiday in the Haute-Vienne, France! Hiking in the Haute-Vienne
Holiday in the Haute-Vienne, France! Holiday home LOTT Coussac-Bonneval
Holiday in the Haute-Vienne, France! Holiday home LOTT Saint Germain les Belles
Holiday in the Haute-Vienne, France! Cycling in the Haute-Vienne
Holiday in the Haute-Vienne, France! Holiday home LOTT La-Bastide

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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Yes, it makes total sense to bring your bike to your holiday destination in France. LOTT’s holiday homes are selected on their proximity to a good cycling route in the area.

We have made cycle page per region and there’s information available in the cottages as well.

Yes, you can definitely rent a bike during your stay. Even among locals, the bike is gaining traction. You will see more and more bike shops and rental shops in the area.

YUseful information can be found in the cottages of LOTT holiday homes & more or at the local tourist office.

Yes, LOTT holiday homes & more always makes sure there is information available including cycling routes or a website with links to find/download routes.

Yes, there are also routes for mountain bikes or speed racing in the area of LOTT’s holiday homes. Every region of France is different and provides different challenges: mountainous areas with challenging mountain bike trails or just beautiful landscapes easily accessible by electric bike.

Depending on your skill level, an electric bike could come in handy. Any hill will be easier to conquer on an electric bike!

Yes, there are definitely shops in your area. LOTT strives to be in the vicinity of at least one shop. Since cycling is gaining traction in France, you will see more and more shops popping up. Otherwise, the big Decathlon stores (found everywhere) also provide basic cycling necessities.

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